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Schoolyards, centers and environments are spaces that should promote urban relations and social cohesion  neighborhoods within a comprehensive idea of  educating city.


Regarding the architectural, they should be  areas of openness, socialization and encounter with nature in the city. Spaces for outdoor activity, movement, stay, rest, the possibility of meeting in large and small groups. These places  condition the pedagogical task by the same characteristics of the  spaces: their environmental quality, formal and functional suitability, the design of their limits, the openness and / or relationships that it promotes between interior and exterior. 

In turn, in urban planning, the centers  and school paths make up a civic network, which highlights and concretizes the role of schools as potential neighborhood centralities, which weave a network of synergies between public spaces, facilities and public access buildings. A common project that requires a collective construction   with the interaction of professionals in urban planning, mobility, public space and demography with managers, teachers, students and the educational community.



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